XT60 Battery Connectors (Female, 3 pcs)

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Tamiya connectors were great back in the day of NiMH and NiCad batteries, but with most users switching over to lipoly batteries we are seeing one burned out tamiya connector after another. Tamiya connectors are okay up to about 15A of current, but let's face it, your lipo batteries is dishing out more than that and your gun needs more than 15A of current to feed it's needs.  Deans style T-plug connectors were the next step up in performance, but they are a bit fiddly to solder and they can't keep up with these XT60 connectors that the RC world has been using for years.  These connectors better performance than T-plug style connectors and take up only a slight bit more space. 

  • 3 Female XT60 connectors
  • Heat shrink wire insulation
  • Handles 60+ Amps of constant current easily
  • Textured sides allow the plugs to be easily disconnected when needed
  • Spring style contacts inside the plug ensure they will not disconnect accidentally
  • Gold plated connectors for high current use and resistance to corrosion
  • Fake versions of the XT60 connector are out there, so only purchase them from reliable vendors such as Infected Armory. We buy them directly from the company that designed them so you can avoid the counterfeit versions that are being sold elsewhere.
  • NOTE: Use male connectors on the gun side of the connection.  Female connectors should be used on the battery. 
*Upgrading / repairing airsoft guns should only be done by skilled technicians.  Infected Armory is not liable for any damages caused by the improper installation of the parts we sell.
$ 2.99

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