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**Parts Not Included In Price** We designed this package for users wanting a rate of fire of 30+ rounds per second @ ~400 feet per second along with a reliable gear box.  This isn't your typical high rate of fire upgrade, as we include a special dry film lubricant that never needs replacing and never attracts dust and dirt that could wear down your components.

  • Remove factory lubrication and clean all parts in an ultrasonic bath.
  • Polish piston rails
  • Apply a dry film lubricant coating to bushings, gear teeth, cut off lever, piston rails, tappet plate rails, pinion gear, and anti-reversal latch.
  • Shim the gears
  • Correct the angle of engagement of the piston and sector gear.
  • Clean trigger contacts.
  • Install:
    • Main spring if needed.*
    • New bushings / bearings as needed.*
    • High strand count wiring.*
    • A MOSFET of  your choice.*
    • A hop bucking and nub.*
    • Piston and Piston Head.*
    • Upgraded steel gears (ratio dependent on battery and motor)*
    • High torque motor*
    • Bearing spring guide if needed*
    • Cylinder head if needed*
    • Air nozzle if needed*
    • Tappet plate delayer / Sector gear clip*
    • Battery connector of your choice (Deans, XT-60)**

    *Each gun might need different parts, so we do not include the cost of these parts in the package, only the installation.  Contact us if you would like more information on what your gun might need.

    **Additional connectors are available at an additional cost if you have more than 1 battery that needs to be changed.

    ***An 11.1v lipoly battery is required for this build.  We can source a quality battery for you or help you select one if needed. 

    $ 135.00

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