Perun V2 Optical MOSFET Rear Wired

Product Description

The Perun V2 Optical replaces the standard trigger contacts in your AEG with optical sensors and a programmable MOSFET system that improves the performance and reliability.  You no longer need to rely on flimsy trigger contacts that burn out and have high resistance; the Perun V2 Optical itself has no moving parts at all thanks to use of optical sensors for gear, trigger and selector plate detection.


  • Semi-auto and Full Auto modes can be configured independently to provide a 1-5 round burst, or full auto fire.  
  • Configurable Active Braking (on/off) for predictable and crisp trigger response in all fire modes. Optical sensors are able to monitor the gears and stop them precisely in the same position after each shot.
  • Pre-cocking to provide fast trigger response when using the AEG as a DMR. With Pre-cocking enabled, the piston remains rearward with the spring compressed for a faster trigger response. 
  • Lipoly battery protection
  • Trigger switch programming for quick changes on the go. No USB connector or app needed.
  • Binary trigger (Double Shot) mode.  When enabled the gun will fire when the trigger is pulled and then fired again when the trigger is released.
  • High quality silicone insulated wire
  • DSG compatible up to 50 RPS

Perun V2 was tested by Perun in gearboxes of the following manufacturers: G&P, G&G, Classic Army, KWA, Ultimate, A&K, PJ, JG, Specna Arms, Cyma. That refers to gearboxes in Tokyo Marui standard. Perun V2 also fits to elongated V2 gearboxes used in SR25 replicas.  Please note some gearboxes might require modification to properly fit the Perun V2 Optical MOSFET, such as newer G&G and Krytac gearboxes. Please contact us for details before ordering if you have any questions.

The maximum rate of fire is 50 RPS.

Thanks to use of exceptionally efficient and powerful MOSFETs, the device can be used in replicas with any main spring. 


*Upgrading / repairing airsoft guns should only be done by skilled technicians.  Infected Armory is not liable for any damages caused by the improper installation of the parts we sell.
$ 90.00

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