Perun Active Braking MOSFET

Product Description

The Perun AB MOSFET is a powerful micro-controlled active braking MOSFET built to increase the performance and reliability of even the most demanding AEG's.  Tiny in size but strong enough to power any AEG, they feature active braking, low voltage protection, and work in most AEG configurations.  

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  • Protection from arcing that can wear out trigger switches.
  • Configurable Active Braking to prevent double cycling in semi-auto and predictable trigger response. 
  • Low voltage protection for lipoly batteries with audible warning tone.
  • Compatibility with batteries from 7-17 volts.
  • Debounce protection for compatibility with micro-switches.
  • Small form factor (20 x 13 x 7mm)
  • Instructions are available at:

Perun states the AB MOSFET is compatible with most AEG's regardless of FPS or ROF.   

*Upgrading / repairing airsoft guns should only be done by skilled technicians.  Infected Armory is not liable for any damages caused by the improper installation of the parts we sell.
$ 28.00

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