Madbull Ultimate Tightbore Barrel 6.01mm ID (Various Lengths)

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Madbull inner barrels offer the best performance per dollar of any barrel we've tested.  Don't assume that because you have a tightbore barrel, that you are gaining accuracy, range or even efficiency.  The actual smoothness and quality of the bore play a large part.  The inner bore of the Madbull Ultimate Tightbore is  much smoother and consistent than other barrels in this price range, making this the best the best perfoming 6.01mm tightbore under $50.  

  • 6.01mm inner diameter
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Light weight
  • Smooth inner bore
  • Square hop window cut out, perfect for flat hop and "r-hop" setups 
$ 45.00

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