Madbull Shark Hop Bucking (Red)

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Product Description

The red Madbull Shark Hop Bucking is perfect for anyone building their first HPA setup.  If you've ever had problems with feeding issues or inconsistent velocities in HPA systems, we find this hop bucking often fixes the problem.  The 60 degree bucking is perfect for flat hop setups when used with the Firefly flat nub or the Modify flat nub, and provides for a great deal of range with heavier bbs.  We suggest using this bucking with a different nub and not the included fishbone nub.  

  • Soft 60 degree material
  • 2 buckings included with fishbone nubs
  • Prevents double feeding in HPA systems
  • Improves the consistency of bb velocity in HPA systems
  • Great for use with the Firefly or Modify flat hop nubs (bucking requires modification to use as a flat hop).
$ 11.99