Deans Style T-Plug Connectors (5 pairs)

Product Description

Those stock Tamiya connectors are poor performers and can be a pain to use.  These T-plugs are a great upgrade in both performance and usability.  The springs on the contacts hold the connectors together firmly, while the textured sides provide enough grip to easily disconnect them when you need to.  With a greater surface area and materials, these connectors are what we consider the minimum for any lipoly battery setup.

  • 5 male connectors
  • 5 female connectors
  • Heat shrink wire insulation
  • Use male connectors on the gun side of the connection.  Female connectors should be used on the battery. 
*Upgrading / repairing airsoft guns should only be done by skilled technicians.  Infected Armory is not liable for any damages caused by the improper installation of the parts we sell.
$ 10.00

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