Repair & Upgrade Services

Infected Armory is redefining the way airsoft repairs are done. Many airsoft stores simply toss in parts to repair or upgrade an airsoft gun with a "one size fits all" mentality by someone who is just there for the paycheck.  Unfortunately that might not address why the part failed or the work is completely poorly, and before long it's broken again.  Infected Armory offers both repair and upgrade services performed by top airsoft mechanics.  Here repairs are done by not only replacing the components that failed, but also investigating why they failed to check for other components that might be out of spec or close to failing.  When we are upgrading an airsoft gun, we consider each gun unique to avoid the pitfalls of the "one size fits all" mentality.  Sure, we could just swap out the main spring to upgrade your FPS, but what if you have an air leak somewhere, or your piston and gears are not strong enough to handle the load?  You would be just tossing money away on repair after repair.  We look at everything as a system that must function as a team with each part doing it's job and no one component being overloaded. 

Before you choose to have your gun repaired or upgraded anywhere else, take a look at the packages we offer.  Our packages save you money and our workmanship is guaranteed.  Once we've diagnosed your repair, or completed a baseline test of the gun before upgrading, we will create an estimate based on exactly the needs of your gun and pick the labor package that most closely matches.  We are certain you’ll find that the packages are a better value than just replacing that broken part!  Click and browse our list of services and see what fits your needs.  If you don’t see a service that is exactly what you need, feel free to contact us with your needs and we can quote you a  price.

AEG Upgrade / Repair Packages

HPA Upgrade Packages

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