About us

Infected Armory was born in 2009 out of a passion for the game of airsoft, as well as all things electrical and mechanical.  What started out as a hobby became a blog, and then evolved into Infected Armory – the best airsoft repair and upgrade center in the United States of America.

I started off like many airsoft techs with tools and a pile of my own guns and the guns of friends.  Reading as much as I could it wasn't long before I was scratching my head over the large number of gun techs who had no understanding of the actual physics and engineering involved.  In 2006 I started the Infected Airsoft blog as a way to review products and debunk myths.  Infected Airsoft became known by thousands of airsoft players around the world as one of the top technical information sources for airsoft.  The blog continued to evolve and it became our first venture into the world of airsoft parts.  It wasn't long before the MOSFET systems we made were being sold by retailers in Europe and North America.  We took the plunge and started the next evolution, Infected Armory.  What started out as a small online airsoft parts store became a full service center with the best workmanship and customer service in the United States. 

We strive to maintain the best quality of service available as integity is the backbone of who we are.  That integrity carries over into all that Infected Armory does.  Our passion drives us to grow our services and techniques as the sport changes; and our integrity pushes us to maintain quality and consistency in all that we do.  Every airsoft gun we work on, every custom build we complete has to meet my own personal exceptions before we are satisfied with it.  Regardless if you're just looking for a tune up, or a complete custom build, your satisfaction is our top priority.

No company out there can provide the small town personal customer service we offer, with the performance to rival any airsoft service center out there.  


Samuel Jonathan

Owner & Lead Technician