Complete HPA Install with Tuning

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This is our preferred method for installing HPA systems.  With this package we provide you with a complete HPA install including:

  • Removal of all old gearbox components
  • Installation of the new HPA system*
  • Install of a new inner barrel*
  • Installation of a flat hop*
  • Installation of a new hop unit if requested / needed*
  • Install of any needed nozzles, shims, FCU's, fittings, poppet valves, etc.*
  • Alignment of the HPA system with the hop unit
  • FCU tuning based on customer's preferred BB weight and desired muzzle energy.

*The cost of parts is not included.

We request you provide us with your regulator, or purchase one through us before installation.  Different regulators perform differently and in order to guarantee performance we need to test the system using your regulator. If you are unable to provide us with a regulator for testing we can perform the installation without it, but note that the final performance might not be equal to the performance we achieved with our regulator.  

Some airsoft guns require additional parts and labor to be converted to HPA and might incur additional charges.  Please keep in mind, not all airsoft guns are compatible with the HPA systems on the market. 

$ 150.00

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