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Amped Line with Dual Quick Disconnect

$ 34.00

Most HPA systems can benefit from a having a wider bore line.  A wider line holds more air volume and reduces the drop off in pressure ("shoot down") that high rate of fire HPA systems can experience.  Features: 42" line Quick disconnect fittings on each end. Nylon sheath to prevent abrasion and damage to the line. *Upgrading / repairing airso...

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BOLT Ultimate Sniper Package

$ 500.00

The BOLT Ultimate Sniper Package from Wolverine airsoft is everything you need to covert your VSR compatible airsoft rifle to an HPA driven system.  With the Wolverine BOLT system you no longer need to worry about worn out trigger groups or broken pistons. Powered by 12 g CO2 cartridges, heavy springs are a thing of the past.  Working the bolt i...

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