Product Description

The Gate NanoHard is a great choice to improve your trigger response, rate of fire, and protect your battery pack from damage.  It's small form factor and built in Deans style T-plugs make it easy to fit in most M4 style buffer tubes and handguards.

  • Featuring a high quality MOSFET supporting up to a 14.8 V battery pack.
  • Improves trigger response and rate of fire by reducing the resistance in your AEG's electronics.
  • Under voltage protection for lipoly battery packs preventing the gun from firing if the battery is too low.  Lipoly batteries should never be fully discharged.
  • Programmable Active Braking feature allows you to turn it on or off to suit your preference. 
  • The Smart Fuse measures current draw instead of relying on passive means like PTC thermal fuses on other systems. This is more accurate and shuts down the gun faster to protect your batteries.
  • Includes: NanoHard MOSFET, 1 pair of Deans style T-plug connectors, 1 single wire signal wire, 1 double wire signal wire, 1 programming button, 1 programming jumper.  
*Upgrading / repairing airsoft guns should only be done by skilled technicians.  Infected Armory is not liable for any damages caused by the improper installation of the parts we sell.
$ 35.54

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