Madbull .40g BBs (2000 rounds)

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Madbull's heavy weight .40g bbs are an excellent choice for users looking to gain extra range and accuracy on the field.  We have a lot of customers who ask us, "What can I do to increase the range of my airsoft gun?"  Well sometimes it's as simple as changing the weight bb you're using. Heavier BBs can provide additional momentum to carry that bb further than ligher BBs in many cases.  For those of you using an r-hop or a flat hop, shooting .40g BBs will help prevent deflection due to wind and improve overall range.  With Madbull's .40g BBs in your DMR or sniper rifle, you can extract every bit of performance your airsoft gun can provide.

  • .40 gram BBs
  • 2000 rounds
  • 5.95mm +/- .01mm
  • Recommended in AEGs over 400 FPS, or in conjunction with a r-hop or flat hop under 400 FPS
  • Covenient reusable clear plastic jar for storage and transportation
$ 25.00

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