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The truth is, very few AEG's are built to run a lipoly battery out of the box.  Even though many manufacturers claim their AEG's are "Lipo Ready", we find they often miss the mark.   With our lipoly upgrade package we'll address the following:

  • Correct the Angle of Engagement to lengthen the life of the piston and gears.
  • Install new bushings / bearings if needed.*
  • Shim the gearbox to correct for sloppy factory shimming.*
  • Clean the current lubrication from the gun and lubricate all needed parts and seals.
  • Upgrade all the wiring with our own high quality silicone insulated wire.*
  • Install new connectors on the gun for the motor and the battery (with a matching connector on the battery pack itself).  Battery connector choices include: Deans and XT-60.  If you have  a different preferred connector, feel free to request it and we will do our best to accommodate it. If you have additional packs that need new connectors please send them with your gun so we can upgrade your packs as well.**
  • Install a MOSFET system of your choice.*
  • Add a radius to the cylinder window if needed to reduce stress on the gearbox.
  • Adjust the motor height and set it with thread locker.

*Each gun might need different parts, so we do not include the cost of these parts in the package, only the installation.  Contact us if you would like more information on what your gun might need.

**Additional connectors are available at an additional cost.

$ 65.00

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