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Maple Leaf Rubber Hop Bucking w/ Tensioner 70*

$ 14.95

The Maple Leaf 70 degree hop bucking is a great drop in bucking to increase range and accuracy while maintaining a tight air seal in the hop unit.  The specially designed tensioner (included) has a concave face to help create even pressure on the bucking and bb to improve shot consistency while allowing the shooter to use heavier BBs and achieve...

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Packaging for the Modify Baton Ryusoka flat hop bucking and nub combo for airsoft AEG.

Modify Baton Ryusoka Hop Bucking (Soft)

$ 16.00

Modify answered the call when players asked for an easy to install flat hop bucking.  No longer do you need to "modify" your current hop bucking.  Just install this like you would any other hop bucking and nub combo and you're on your way.  We suggest using these with BB weights of at least .30g for the bet possible performance as lighter weight...

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